Tuesday, June 17, 2008

why eBAY suck

...'cos they recently switched to Paypal only? nah, that was bad enough (didn't bother me though).

It's 'cos the latest ad just... stinks. Never leave the viewer wondering, it's an old rule.

The 1st ad was obvious, and boring, going down a luge in a shopping cart. Meh.

The latest has a bunch of bargain hunters in the wild, tackling live prey like wardrobes, bedside desks, and my favorite, lamps (a nod to Pixar?).

The woman that nabs the lampstand... was disguised??? in a lampshade????

What, in the figurative world of eBay, is that supposed to represent? Everyone knows that eBay takes fraud and spoof very seriously, so why are they letting a buyer that dupes the 'prey' into a successful sale slip into the picture?

You dolts. That sucks.

Friday, June 6, 2008

why KFC sucks

Cos it makes me ill - seriously. But that's beside the point.

THIS is just a bad ad. A waiter takes an order in an italian restaurant, then tells the table to follow him, somewhere...

BUT THEY DON'T. And why is this error on air? It won't work, the storyline doesn't flow.

He ends up serving it to them back at the table.

AND it's a cheap ad too - there's like 2.3 seconds footage of him (not speaking to camera) in the KFC store - this was clearly a waste of set-up money.

That means it's stupid, and it sucks.