Tuesday, January 29, 2008

why TELSTRA suck

..a no-brainer, really, but here's the latest up my nose...


on the front/back of Mx, a street rag handed out mostly at railway stations.

I don't even care who publishes this anymore, SUCH AN AD IS A JOKE.

Why would i want even more colored ink running onto my sweaty
(non-airconditioned) hands, so did you think i wouldn't tear it off immediately?

And it said Browse for Free and nothing was free, it was just crap about crap you automatically pay for from their mobile deals.

As the guy in the bottleshop said: ''Just spend the money on cheaper local phonecalls.''

Sunday, January 27, 2008


A boy dives off a pier, fully clothed..... nothing happens... 5 seconds pass... silence...

A bone-dry skeleton leaps out of the water, and drops onto the pier. Silence.

What's the gag? ''Go where you're not supposed to.''

Terrible. Absolutely awful writing, and what a cheap budget. It's partnered with..

...some guy running screaming out of the minor reptile exhibit... ''Snaaaakes!"

why KRAFT sux

It's not funny when a little girl locks her family out in the back garden, just so she can eat some spread alone (a spread she's not allowed to serve anyway, a la the knife).

Their response? ''It's not shown at times when kids are watching.''

What a bunch of crap. The ad never shows the consequences of messing with locks.


I've had enough. It's time to sit down and type 'You are wasting my time and someone's money with this ad. It sucks. You suck for making it, so you lose.'

I welcome everyone's contributions.

I'd like to acknowledge AdBusters, Fark and HomePageDaily as motivators.