Tuesday, August 5, 2008

why VISA sucks

the irony, i've always disliked that name, synonymous with what you need to enter another country... and here we are, on the eve of the Olympics.

Jackie Chan - what the hell have you done? ..according to Paul B, you've sold out.

You're on our billboards telling us (bad timing) that ONLY ONE CREDIT CARD WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE OLYMPICS GAMES IN CHINA 2008.

That's not an ad, that's a directive. Poo to that.

You suck, I won't watch your new movie as a protest, and Visa suck.

Especially for dolling up that pic of the 'birds' nest' to make sure it had blue skies. Lies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

why iMax sucks, i mean, toyota...

more about iMax on my other blog soon, but yes, this was a massive ad to have to endure.

What is the link between someone in a parachute from a hot air balloon and a 4wd driver?

Nothing, you would think, and i agree. This is not an ad, it's not even art. It's weak.

More soon after Cool Dre wakes up....

THE DARK KNIGHT RULES!!!! what a movie ;)