Wednesday, April 30, 2008

why NESTLE suck (not only for this one...)

Ok, this is the first entry where I enjoyed the ad, but still can't agree with the ideology.

KIT KAT: so tempting, that a kids will swap with kids to get to THEIR home and eat some.

Story? 2 kids, one with a whitebread family, and another hiding in a store, both in the same wrestling outfits cum power rangers.

The hider calls out to the other, and they duck outside to the playground... one of them answers the call from Mum to head for the car.

He gets home, gets some Kit Kat into him, then takes off his mask... revealing his beaming Asian face.

All four family members are in shock/surprise/dunno cos at this point i felt weird...

...what does this inadvertently say/project about asian kids? what do THEY see in the ad?
...what would their parents?

i dunnno... but for my confusion on that issue... this sucks.

Monday, April 7, 2008

why MyNite sucks, a bit

Who can forget the Gen-Y anti-hero Corey D.W, made headlines inviting far too many people over to his stepdad's place to essentially trash the place, via MySpace?

Well, i have to give credit to the PCYC for building a site designed to help safeguard your next party against any criminal charges, by alerting them first of your intentions.

BUT, the Ad still SUCKS: i'll try and put the poster up here, but basically..

there's a girl. she's young. she has a belly. she's not unhappy.


So, sucks for having confusing iconography, BUT wait for their email response to me, cos you KNOW i asked them straight away for a comment on my confusion....

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why KELLOGG suck (you in)

NutriGrain - one of of the few remaining Aussie breakfast icons.

But what's this? You have to log on to enter their latest sports goodies giveaway? Okay.

But what's this? You have to wait for a huge flash file to download? Okay....

BUT WAIT! YOU HAVE NO CHOICE - you guys suck, you made me download about 20mg
worth of crap before I had the chance to enter in my unique code (aw, not a winner). And I want my 30 minutes back (rotten server you got there).

Kellogg, get your act together, and give consumers a CHANCE to save their bandwidth on what is obviously a website that you paid far too much for - whoever designed it must be laughing.

That's BUT DON'T BOTHER unless you want to waste megabytes...