Sunday, July 6, 2008

why NEVERFAIL sucks

seen all over a delivery truck, especially last week (nice to be driving back to Gladesville again):

Neverfail. What is it, a battery? a 24hr service?

Nope, it's water. Bottled and sold by Coca-cola. Yeah, sure, this could be a Coca-Cola post, or even an Amatil sucks, but let's attack the product rationally.

Water. It falls from the sky, and returns to it from our rivers and oceans, moving it around the globe. And thanks to Ad-Roc of the Beastie Boys for reminding us how much it has always ruled the earth, and should never be a commodity for humankind.

What is the slogan? 'Just as nature intended.'

NO. Wrong. Nature intended us to drink from clean rivers, and eat from its clean oceans' bounty.

Have a look at your (petrol driven) trucks - they're covered in waterfalls and such, in a setting that totally contradicts the expensive use of plastic bottles to sell it back to us.

You suck. I don't pay for water, even at raves. So just quit it 'cos your premise is wrong.