Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 - oh whoops, these SUCK

Bugger me, it's Mardi Gras and i've forgotten about thisadsux - big apologies.

Ok... here's the worst of '09 so far:

1. that bloody lithpy chick from ithurance hasn't gone away, more later.
2. AAMi have done it (shit?) again

WHY would a whole freeway of drivers be ringing AAMI at once?

This is finally the ad i've been waiting for, the one that proves that buyers will always buy what they want. In this case, the client wants to imagine that it's all happening around them.

3. Liptons Iced Tea.

I want to like it, really... but a whole bunch of people actually reducing the air temp by mass drinking the product? nah... sucks.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

why Woolworths suck

Fah lah la la lah, the Xmess ads begin...

And littered with Aussie settings, it's Woolies first off the rank,
but only slightly rank, in one regard.

WHY are they letting a girl bounce on a trampoline covered in fresh ripe cherries from the tree above her?

That is SO OBVIOUSLY a slip hazard. Just wait, it will happen.

No no no, that sucks cos it gives even teens the idea to try it as a dare, not so much cherries, but you get the (bad) idea.

You guys suck - get rid of that, and it's still just a boring stereotypical ad.


phew made it in time for Nov


Monday, October 13, 2008

why Sunrise sucks

As far as breakfast shows down under go, this is still my preference, but that's no excuse.

This is a late arvo placed ad, with a preteen and a late teen, both distraught in the dark of a morning without a sunrise.

Yay, the tv comes on, and all is well.... so why ruin it with a line as weak as

'Thank GOD for the Sunrise.'

No, sorry, i have no idea why we should thank any deity for this show. Sucks, bigtime.

Monday, September 8, 2008

why Unwired suck

The irony here is that Unwired are my ISP, whom I will continue to use till i get a better offer.

BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR USING what is possibly the WORST example of 'English' ever.

'Too Easy'.

As I have mentioned to many people for years now, how can something be 'too easy'?

It lends itself to the notion that there must be some hidden traps or clauses, this service is 'too easy' to use.

And yes, they did manage to rob me of 3g FREE per month for about 7 months this year, before i noticed that my service was no longer completitive in the market.

But enough about me..... ANYONE who uses the phrase 'too easy' is a moron and sucks.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

why VISA sucks

the irony, i've always disliked that name, synonymous with what you need to enter another country... and here we are, on the eve of the Olympics.

Jackie Chan - what the hell have you done? ..according to Paul B, you've sold out.

You're on our billboards telling us (bad timing) that ONLY ONE CREDIT CARD WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE OLYMPICS GAMES IN CHINA 2008.

That's not an ad, that's a directive. Poo to that.

You suck, I won't watch your new movie as a protest, and Visa suck.

Especially for dolling up that pic of the 'birds' nest' to make sure it had blue skies. Lies.

Friday, August 1, 2008

why iMax sucks, i mean, toyota...

more about iMax on my other blog soon, but yes, this was a massive ad to have to endure.

What is the link between someone in a parachute from a hot air balloon and a 4wd driver?

Nothing, you would think, and i agree. This is not an ad, it's not even art. It's weak.

More soon after Cool Dre wakes up....

THE DARK KNIGHT RULES!!!! what a movie ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

why NEVERFAIL sucks

seen all over a delivery truck, especially last week (nice to be driving back to Gladesville again):

Neverfail. What is it, a battery? a 24hr service?

Nope, it's water. Bottled and sold by Coca-cola. Yeah, sure, this could be a Coca-Cola post, or even an Amatil sucks, but let's attack the product rationally.

Water. It falls from the sky, and returns to it from our rivers and oceans, moving it around the globe. And thanks to Ad-Roc of the Beastie Boys for reminding us how much it has always ruled the earth, and should never be a commodity for humankind.

What is the slogan? 'Just as nature intended.'

NO. Wrong. Nature intended us to drink from clean rivers, and eat from its clean oceans' bounty.

Have a look at your (petrol driven) trucks - they're covered in waterfalls and such, in a setting that totally contradicts the expensive use of plastic bottles to sell it back to us.

You suck. I don't pay for water, even at raves. So just quit it 'cos your premise is wrong.