Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 - oh whoops, these SUCK

Bugger me, it's Mardi Gras and i've forgotten about thisadsux - big apologies.

Ok... here's the worst of '09 so far:

1. that bloody lithpy chick from ithurance hasn't gone away, more later.
2. AAMi have done it (shit?) again

WHY would a whole freeway of drivers be ringing AAMI at once?

This is finally the ad i've been waiting for, the one that proves that buyers will always buy what they want. In this case, the client wants to imagine that it's all happening around them.

3. Liptons Iced Tea.

I want to like it, really... but a whole bunch of people actually reducing the air temp by mass drinking the product? nah... sucks.

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