Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Part of the greater Amatil conglomerate, I call this another Fallen Aussie Icon.

Smiths used to be great, familiar, simple. And now?

They have to stage an over-the-top one song musical, based on brickies n labourers.

What sucks? The only chicks (I meant that) are in office outfits... reinforcing the old
'perve' idiom. I hate that especially. But, objectively, it's sexist.

Sorry, you lose me here. You suck.


Quite simply, they ripped off one of the best animation concepts from Aardman Studios.

They have 4 characters, but i've only seen the sunflower talking to mic about ''being open''.

Yes, Creature Comforts got re-worked for commercial purposes. It's not awful, but it's not original.

And that sucks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

why AAMI sucks

I pity ANY girl named Amy.... especially after this group came up with the slogan 'Luckyyyyy you're with Amy.' Of course, it should be pronounced 'Double A, Em, Eye'. You don't say 'Norma' when you say 'NRMA', do you?

SO, on to the ad: ''This is a message for my Todd.''

She's called Amy, I guess, and she tells Todd to give her a ring (engagement?).

Problem is, it perpetuates the idea that women are unable to communicate to their partners about what they want (or that men are just hopeless on listening): either way, the ad sucks cos it makes Amy look desperate and pushy and sneaky.

''You following me, Todd?'' What's that supposed to be, a threat? If i was Todd, I'd say 'yeah, I hear you, and there's the door.'

Get rid of this ad, AAMI, it's dumb and boring.