Tuesday, March 11, 2008

why KOTEX suck

Finally, a freebie straight off the press...

A TAMPON company may be forced to cancel TV ads that show an attractive, young woman going about her day with a beaver in tow.
The Kotex advertisement, rated M and broadcast only after 8.30pm, features a woman and her pet beaver eating lunch, having their nails done, at the hairdresser, and being gawked at by men on a beach.
The ad ends with a voice-over: "You've only got one. So for the ultimate care down there, make it U." The woman then hands a packet of Kotex tampons to the beaver as a gift.
The Advertising Standards Bureau in Canberra received a "large number" of complaints as soon as the ad aired on Sunday - the day after International Women's Day.
"A large number of complaints have come in over the weekend," ASB chief Alison Abernethy said.